Friday, 11 September 2015

Take me to: Amsterdam!

Bicycles, Canal boat rides and higgledy piggledy houses are truly what makes Amsterdam it's own little quirky paradise. My first trip (and certainly not the last!) was early 2015 with my friend Sydney where I got to take some snaps of the little weekend we had, and looking back at them it definitely reminds me of how chilly this place is in the winter!

Our first stop was Amsterdam's famous Alexandra square which is an open space filled all year with music, street performers, markets and colourful characters (not to mention lots and lots AND lots of pigeons.) plus it's at the heart of Amsterdam's city centre making it a great place to mooch around in the day. It's also a great place to spy some of the amazing architecture around, and why not do it in style, nothings screams style like big fluffy parkas and matching bobble hats. (Duh)

'Body World' is an exhibition at the centre of the city where you can see some of the weird and wonderful works of the world famous artist and anatomist, Gunther Von Hagen. Filled with the skilfully preserved body's of real animals and humans (which I know is not everyone's cuppa!) but is incredibly fascinating, educational (especially as a biology student) and is a good way to spend the day without breaking the bank!

With a bit of exploring down some of the side streets you can find some amazing places to eat, with an abundance of cafe's selling crepes, waffles and other tasty treats as well as a bunch of souvenir shops brimming with tulips, clogs and more iconic bits and bobs to take home! Fingers crossed on a return to this beautiful place in the summer to enjoy the sun shiny canal rides!

Charl x

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